An effective team building program includes restoration of life in the prehistoric era and is held in the beautiful natural area the "Winner's spring".The rich complex of adventure and the possibility of sleeping in a cave, making possible to build a cohesive team that makes teambuilding extremely attractive. The "Winner's spring" is located near the city of Targovishte.The entire place was actually inhabited for thousands of years.Here were the migration routes of animals and prehistoric people.About the historical riches attest archaeological strata and artifacts found in the area. The legend says that before each battle the greatest Bulgarian King Simeon The Great drank from the Spring and the magic water gave him strength to create Great Bulgaria, bordering on three seas, and never lost a battle.

The program includes:

  • An important part of the experience is the dressing in sackcloth clothes like the ancient inhabitants of these lands. An interesting element is the story of the women belt – a calendar made from hemp ropes. It recreates the Proto Bulgarian calendar and it dates 2013.
  • Making fire with flint. The one who succeed to be the first is elected for a chieftain of the tribe. He gets a wooden totem that could be carried all the time.
  • Competition Archery - a fun experience that everyone can try their skills on the shooter.
  • Archery contest.The archery contest is a very funny experience in which each participant can test their shooting abilities.
  • Honey tasting - honey is served in clay pots and trying with fun wooden sticks.
  • Jewelry from real bones - Everyone who visits the "Winner's spring" may be adorned with a garland of bones and be back in time to prehistoric times.These are shiny bones of different sizes and shapes, strung on a hemp rope and made ​​by you.
  • Corn grinding with mill -Kneading and baking small cakes of flour, ground by hard work.
  • Sheep and goat milking,producing yoghurt-A small crockery with cap is given to each participant. The warm milk is poured into the crockery, leaven is putted in, all is mixed with wooden stick. Each participant writes down his name on the crockery with his own yoghurt curdled. The crockery are opened later and one can taste the fresh yoghurt.
  • Throwing spears- The participants receive wooden spears with metal tops.The aim is to hit a massive stump and the spear stay stuck in it.Fun adventure for hunters.
  • Adoration at the sanctuary-Near the "Winner's spring" there is a small cave in the rocks.In ancient times, during Thracian civilization cave was used as a sanctuary of worship of the Sun. In the cave we place slips of paper with wishes written on them.The legend says that before the next solstice the wish will come true.
  • Making a totem on a copper plate-The making of totem uses the same method as the method used for engraving the world's oldest wrought gold. Small holes are pierced in the copper plate using an wooden awl. The holes are shaped like the image of the symbol chosen.
  • Fishing with a spear-the goal is to be caught small fish in the river that flows through the meadow.
  • Spending the night in a cave-In the cave there is a broad wooden bench,covered with leather. It is with torches and lanterns. Everyone gets a personal sleeping bag. In the morning all agree that this is an experience to remember forever.
  • Place for mystical rituals, happy adventures and fun games. Moments of positive emotions and unforgettable entertainment ... This is the "Winner's spring"

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